Utah Jail Finds Meth Trade Inside Its Walls

It’s easy to find stories today about drug trade happening in the US. The rate of overdoses and addictions to drugs is at an all-time high. You can see it in small-scale operations in high schools, and on the larger scale in places like the border.

Now there is a story coming out of Utah about a prisoner that was in Utah Jail. Recently police officers found that he was selling meth and heroin to people inside the jail.

In Provo, Utah the officers arrested the man James Evans who is 35 years old. He had several warrants due to the fact that he broke his probation.

Once he was arrested and put in jail it only took a few days before he started getting into more trouble. He had someone gotten drugs into the jail. A fellow prisoner told the officers that they needed to talk. When they were together, the inmate shows the officer white powder that Evans had reportedly given to him.

After this information was given to the police, they had to search all of the prisoners. All of them got tested, and the police found the rest of Evans stash. He had some more meth as well as heroin in his clothing.

The drugs that he had on him were worth about a thousand dollars on the street but far more in prison. Even potato chips are like gold in the jails.

The officers noted that he brought in a lot more than they usually see; it’s often far smaller. One officer named Spencer Cannon mentioned that the value of the drugs in jail is almost 10 times as much as on the street.

It’s crazy to think that drugs are even being brought into the prisons, there is truly nowhere that is drug-free, even our schools are ridden with them.

Evans has a lot of charges riding against him. He has a few felonies and intents to distribute. He will be behind bars for a very, very long time.

This story may sound familiar to you. Sadly a lot of people know someone who has been this deeply affected by the meth crisis. You might know someone with a list of charges that outweigh the person’s accomplishments. But it can change.

We want you to know there are many people you can talk to that have been in and out of jail but eventually made a change for the better. It is not impossible. If you put your mind to it you can get rid of meth and heroin.

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