Police Officers Have To Seek Medical Treatment After Meth Exposure

Police Officers have a very risky job.


They never know what is going to happen, who will have weapons, and when they can trust someone.

Recently another story of the struggle with containing the opioid crisis comes from Massachusetts where there were a few officers that got sick after arresting a man.

Police responded to a call that was placed about a person driving crazy at around 7 pm. The police went to find out what was going on and they were met with a man named Yerger. The police noted that he was acting very wild, and had been driving with an open door.

It is not uncommon for people that are extremely intoxicated to do very strange and dangerous thing while driving. This is why police suspected that drugs were involved.

When they talked to Yerger the police said that he was showing clear signs of being under the influence. He was very anxious and kept mentioning that he thought people were watching over him or that someone was trying to frame him. He also thought that the car he was driving was a rental.  A lot of strange things were going on in his head.

This lead police to check his license and find that it was suspended. They checked the car and they’re as an odor that made them all feel sick.

Since the officers got so sick a team of men had to clear out the car from any dangerous chemicals. The chemicals were coming from meth as well as cocaine.

The man, Yerger, oddly enough works for a medical company and has children. It’s sad to see that meth can cause somebody to lose all of this. You never know what will happen until you are caught and it’s too late.

If you know someone that could benefit from living a clean and sober don’t hesitate to get them help. Yerger is a clear reminder of how drugs can ruin someone’s brain and life. You can feel paranoid and lose your family and job.

It’s not worth all the heartbreak. Help for those that need it is just a click away in most cases. Try sites like this to find education resources about help for drug addicts. It’s not too late.

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