Over Half A Million Dollars Of Drugs Found By Border

What would you do with half a million dollars worth of drugs?

Hopefully, you would turn them in!

That’s obviously not what was going on in an SUV that police found by the border. A few weeks ago agents that work for the Border found two men that they thought had over half a million dollars worth of meth. They also had cocaine and other drugs in the car.

At night the agents saw that a car was on I15 and the police decided to stop the car. The car was a white Ford SUV that was being operated by a 41-year-old and 36 years old. Both of the men were from Mexico bring the drugs over to the US.

The dogs from the Border Patrol told the police that the car should be searched. Upon entering the car, the team found over 100 bags of meth that was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They also found a bag that head close to 30 pounds of cocaine worth around the same amount. And lastly, they found heroin.

All together the drugs they found were worth over half a million dollars. The Border Agents had the men sent to the Sheriff’s Offices, and the vehicle was taken into the Border.

Arrests like this are happening every day, more and more frequently. And just think about all the ones like this that actually make it through, it can be pretty terrifying to think of numbers like that.

If you know someone that is dealing with drug abuse problems let them know that it’s not bad to ask for help. You don’t want it to get to the point that they could be involved with any of these men.

The drug times and the possibility for death are too real. We want people to understand the magnitude of how many drugs there are out there. Half a million dollars of drugs was almost brought over our border.

Think of how many addicts that was going to supply. It’s a lot, check resources like this to make sure that you are able to stay clean and out of the way of law enforcement. Juries are putting harsh sentences on those that are arrested with selling drugs like heroin and meth.

We know that stories like this seem extreme, but these were someone else’s friends and loved ones, they could have had no idea this would happen.


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