Meth Use Coming Back Across The Country

You have probably heard about the opioid crisis.

It is affecting teenagers and young adults, as well as the elderly and toddlers. Everyone is victim to the opioid crisis. Just as experts announce recording was breaking death rates for these opioid drugs, they are finding that a meth problem is coming back as well.

This is due to the fact that cartels bring drugs over the border instead of the drugs being made in the US like they used to be. There used to be meth labs all over the place. Now in the last 15 years, the levels of meth labs have been declining and are currently at the lowest they have been.

This shows that the meth certainly is being brought in by the cartels from over the border. Mexico is the number one producer of this meth. There have been thousands of pounds of meth found recently. In Missouri, the amount of small run meth labs has almost become zero compared to what it used to be.

About 15 years ago there was an act that made it harder to buy the medications that you ended to make meth, which is why a lot of the meth labs had to close down. The price has dropped substantially because it’s so cheap to make so more people are doing it.

Another state that has had very high meth use recently is Oregon. In Oregon, they have surveyed that many users are as young as 12 years old. The state is low on officers, so it makes it easier for people to get away with doing the drugs.

The police also found in these states that there was a lot of meth being sold at places like restaurants and car sellers. There is a lot of dealing going on behind the scenes now that has replaced the meth labs.

Meth is particularly dangerous when it comes to the crimes that people commit even if it is not causing as many deaths. You can get help before it’s too late. Don’t let meth become another statistic. We can help you find resources like this one if you think someone you know might benefit.

If you are in a state like Oregon or Minnesota where this problem is becoming more significant, you can reach out to local agencies for information on how to stop the problem.

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