Man Charged With Throwing Party For Wife, Allowing Her To Over Dose On Meth

It may seem like a crazy story, but this is a true one.


Meth has taken another life, but this time the spouse is claiming that it was on purpose. A man in Minnesota is in custody after he held a party where the festivities included doing meth and listening to rock music.


The man’s name is Duane Johnson, and he is 58. At first, the police charged him with neglect and theft but have added a murder charge since an overdose took his wife.


His wife Debra, 11 years older, passed away on the 25th of January this year. She had been living in an adult home. She had suffered from over 2 heart attacks and other health problems. She did request that he take her out even though doctors urged her not to go.


Debra said that she would much rather die at home; she didn’t want to do it in a home. It was to be like a party for death. In the last days before she died, she was no longer taking her medicine. She knew that the time had come for her, so instead she went to meth again.


Duane said that before she passed, they had a great time. They had relations, and the drugs allowed them to rock along to their favorite metal music.


When the police questioned him, he said that he didn’t give her the drugs, but he didn’t take them away either. It may be hard to prove that he was the cause of her death. Police can charge him with the over 40 guns they found in his house though.


Duane will probably be facing over 20 years in jail and 30 years for the murder. That is a long time for a party.


If you know someone that is facing tough times, don’t let him or her turn to meth. They may think that it is the only way, but we want you to know that it’s not. There is more than you can do. You do not have to let them turn to drugs.


You can find a lot of resources online about how to quit drug addiction and find sober replacements and new coping skills. We will never know if Duane made up the party idea or if it really happened. All we know is that meth was the killer.

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