Fresno Sees Its Biggest Drug Bust Ever From Cartel

At the police station in Fresno, you can see that there are a lot of people in trouble for a recent drug bust. The police FDA recently had a drug bust involving meth that was over 50 pounds and was found in Dinuba.

There has not been a larger amount of drugs found by the police in Fresno. Chief Dyer stated that he has never seen anything like it. There was meth, a lot of meths, and there was also a few pounds of cocaine. The police have found that the drugs were in relation to a cartel that was likely in Michoacán. Dyer and members of the DEA told the news about the drug bust after the held a news conference a few days ago.

The men that got arrested for the drug trafficking crime are in there 20’s and 30’s, which is very sad. There lives will be forever affected by this meth. The men were Francisco Gonzalez who was 24. Then there was also Alfonso Ortega who was just under 40, and lastly a man named Ponce Galvan who was 25 years old.

The three men were brought into the jail recently after they got pulled over and the police found drugs. They had K-9s come to search the car with them. Places cleverly in the steering wheel there was over 10 pounds of meth. These men were all found linked to a location set in Dinuba. The police then checked the area and proceeded to find even more meth and more drugs. They also found a large amount of ammunition and guns. All of which were illegal.


After questioning they all admitted to being part of the cartel and dealing the drugs for them.  There was another case recently were another 40 pounds of meth were found. That is over 100 pounds of meth that are coming into our cities.


If you are someone that is using drugs, it’s important that you protect yourself from the things that meth can do to you. These men will be in jail for a very long time selling something that can potentially kill people.


You can get help if you need it. There are always resources for you, and you are not alone even if it feels like it. You can get the help you need.


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