A Drug Problem Among the Workforce in the U.S. Has Raised 

Drug problem among the workforce

In the past three years, over one-third of the major industries in the United States have noticed a rise in their positive drug tests. The highest rates were in 2018. These rates were the highest in more than a decade.

According to urine-based tests, these states ranked highest for positive results. 

● Louisiana – 5.6% 

● Vermont – 6%

● Massachusetts – 5.6 % 

● Maine – 6.1% 

● Alabama – 5.9%

● Oregon –6.5% 

More than ten million tests had discovered illicit substances in the person’s systems. In the country, over 4.4 percent of those who had drug tests had tested positive. However, in the states of Maine and Oregon, six percent of the tests had tested positive in the past year. 

The states with the lowest rating were concentrated in the mountainous states and the Midwest. This included Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota, all having less than a four percent positivity rate. Plus, these states also have below-average rates of people being sentenced for drugs. 

This suggests that the problem isn’t as bad in these states as it is in states such as Vermont or Maine. These states both ranked in the top five for the most positive drug tests. Plus, they are also in the top ten for states having to sentence people for drug-related instances. 

Over the past few years, about 41 of our 50 states have seen a rise in their drug tests. More people are using drugs and testing positive for them in the workplace. There has been about a nineteen percent increase since 2013. In 2013 the rate was 3.7 percent. However, the states of Vermont, Maine, and Oregon have noticed a fifty percent increase. 

In the past few years, these states have passed laws that make it legal to consume marijuana recreationally. There are set rules that people must comply with. The states with the most positive workplace drug tests all have legalized the use of recreational marijuana. 

Marijuana was the most likely substance to cause a positive drug test last year. It appeared in almost two and a half percent of all urine screenings. However, these rates have climbed by over 35 percent the past five years. In fact, places where the drug is now legal, have noticed the numbers double. 

Fake Urine

Does fake urine work for drug test? Many people will try to use fake urine in a drug test. You can purchase fake urine in many places. However, does fake urine work for a drug test? Most places are aware that people are using fake urine and will test if the urine is fake. Other people may ask, does flush free niacin work for a drug test? This is hard to tell because it varies for each person. This flush will have different results for everyone. People may also try storing urine for a drug test. This urine may be theirs or someone else’s. However, storing urine generally doesn’t work for drug tests. You are better off staying sober than trying to fake a test. 

Over Half A Million Dollars Of Drugs Found By Border

What would you do with half a million dollars worth of drugs?

Hopefully, you would turn them in!

That’s obviously not what was going on in an SUV that police found by the border. A few weeks ago agents that work for the Border found two men that they thought had over half a million dollars worth of meth. They also had cocaine and other drugs in the car.

At night the agents saw that a car was on I15 and the police decided to stop the car. The car was a white Ford SUV that was being operated by a 41-year-old and 36 years old. Both of the men were from Mexico bring the drugs over to the US.

The dogs from the Border Patrol told the police that the car should be searched. Upon entering the car, the team found over 100 bags of meth that was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They also found a bag that head close to 30 pounds of cocaine worth around the same amount. And lastly, they found heroin.

All together the drugs they found were worth over half a million dollars. The Border Agents had the men sent to the Sheriff’s Offices, and the vehicle was taken into the Border.

Arrests like this are happening every day, more and more frequently. And just think about all the ones like this that actually make it through, it can be pretty terrifying to think of numbers like that.

If you know someone that is dealing with drug abuse problems let them know that it’s not bad to ask for help. You don’t want it to get to the point that they could be involved with any of these men.

The drug times and the possibility for death are too real. We want people to understand the magnitude of how many drugs there are out there. Half a million dollars of drugs was almost brought over our border.

Think of how many addicts that was going to supply. It’s a lot, check resources like this to make sure that you are able to stay clean and out of the way of law enforcement. Juries are putting harsh sentences on those that are arrested with selling drugs like heroin and meth.

We know that stories like this seem extreme, but these were someone else’s friends and loved ones, they could have had no idea this would happen.


Meth Use Coming Back Across The Country

You have probably heard about the opioid crisis.

It is affecting teenagers and young adults, as well as the elderly and toddlers. Everyone is victim to the opioid crisis. Just as experts announce recording was breaking death rates for these opioid drugs, they are finding that a meth problem is coming back as well.

This is due to the fact that cartels bring drugs over the border instead of the drugs being made in the US like they used to be. There used to be meth labs all over the place. Now in the last 15 years, the levels of meth labs have been declining and are currently at the lowest they have been.

This shows that the meth certainly is being brought in by the cartels from over the border. Mexico is the number one producer of this meth. There have been thousands of pounds of meth found recently. In Missouri, the amount of small run meth labs has almost become zero compared to what it used to be.

About 15 years ago there was an act that made it harder to buy the medications that you ended to make meth, which is why a lot of the meth labs had to close down. The price has dropped substantially because it’s so cheap to make so more people are doing it.

Another state that has had very high meth use recently is Oregon. In Oregon, they have surveyed that many users are as young as 12 years old. The state is low on officers, so it makes it easier for people to get away with doing the drugs.

The police also found in these states that there was a lot of meth being sold at places like restaurants and car sellers. There is a lot of dealing going on behind the scenes now that has replaced the meth labs.

Meth is particularly dangerous when it comes to the crimes that people commit even if it is not causing as many deaths. You can get help before it’s too late. Don’t let meth become another statistic. We can help you find resources like this one if you think someone you know might benefit.

If you are in a state like Oregon or Minnesota where this problem is becoming more significant, you can reach out to local agencies for information on how to stop the problem.

Fresno Sees Its Biggest Drug Bust Ever From Cartel

At the police station in Fresno, you can see that there are a lot of people in trouble for a recent drug bust. The police FDA recently had a drug bust involving meth that was over 50 pounds and was found in Dinuba.

There has not been a larger amount of drugs found by the police in Fresno. Chief Dyer stated that he has never seen anything like it. There was meth, a lot of meths, and there was also a few pounds of cocaine. The police have found that the drugs were in relation to a cartel that was likely in Michoacán. Dyer and members of the DEA told the news about the drug bust after the held a news conference a few days ago.

The men that got arrested for the drug trafficking crime are in there 20’s and 30’s, which is very sad. There lives will be forever affected by this meth. The men were Francisco Gonzalez who was 24. Then there was also Alfonso Ortega who was just under 40, and lastly a man named Ponce Galvan who was 25 years old.

The three men were brought into the jail recently after they got pulled over and the police found drugs. They had K-9s come to search the car with them. Places cleverly in the steering wheel there was over 10 pounds of meth. These men were all found linked to a location set in Dinuba. The police then checked the area and proceeded to find even more meth and more drugs. They also found a large amount of ammunition and guns. All of which were illegal.


After questioning they all admitted to being part of the cartel and dealing the drugs for them.  There was another case recently were another 40 pounds of meth were found. That is over 100 pounds of meth that are coming into our cities.


If you are someone that is using drugs, it’s important that you protect yourself from the things that meth can do to you. These men will be in jail for a very long time selling something that can potentially kill people.


You can get help if you need it. There are always resources for you, and you are not alone even if it feels like it. You can get the help you need.