Cases Related To Meth Are On The Rise

For a long time in our nation fentanyl deaths have been the highest rating deaths, and now meth is catching back up. It’s scary to see another drug make a popular come back before opioids are gone.


Just when we think we are learning how to solve one epidemic, another one strikes us. In Adams County, Illinois, over half of the cases that they deal with are for felony meth arrests. If you think about it that is a pretty scary statistic.


There are that many drugs are going around the county that 1 in 2 arrests if over deadly drugs. You probably remember the popular show documenting meth labs in vans in the US, but those are starting to go away. Now a lot of the meth is from a dealer outside.


Meth production went down because you can no longer buy the ingredients as easy. The main thing that went into making meth is a chemical called anhydrous, you can easily find it outside too.


Sheriff Brian in Adams County says that there is a crisis going on as it comes to meth. There is so much meth that it is number one in all offenses. More so than murder and theft. That is a crazy statistic.


The new type of meth is called ICE, it’s a more pleasant high and that is causing meth to come back in higher numbers. A large amount is coming from over the border.  There are cases related to meth every single day in the county.


One detective says that there were over 150 arrests filed for meth currently. The problem is that the jails are being crowded with these people and when they get out they go right back to doing the same thing.


There are not many treatment places, so not many people can get treatment, they just continue until they get caught and go to jail. They are starting to think that they are going to have to bring in something more serious like the feds.


Meth is scary, if you know someone that is dealing with it this time around, please get them help. You can check out websites like this one or find resources all over the web.


Remember that you are not alone, meth is a drug that has claimed so many lives, but yours doesn’t have to be one of them.

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