r a f e    b r a d f o r d

I was introduced to Rafe Bradford in the early months of 1997. Uncle Art was in need of the additions and refinements that come with bringing a fuller production to fruition. Bill Boris suggested Rafe for engineering, production, and the like.

At the time I did not realize how far reaching are his credentials. To this day it still amazes. Rafe does not talk about himself. He does not toot his own horn, as it were. He speaks softly and applies himself diligently to the technical and musical skills needed in an age where quality music production is of the utmost consequence to all concerned.

I can say without hesitation that Rafe brought out qualities in Uncle Art that would never have seen the light of day. Subtle things. Sparkles and shades.  Above all, clarity. His bass playing and arranging also added significantly.

From that time onward I have requested Rafe's skills in remixing, mastering, and otherwise collaborating on Beezwax products. After all, when one finds a person who understands and applies himself to those things that make a recording excel it only makes sense to stick with him. Besides that, Rafe is easy going as he carries about his disciplines.

Now here is something that took me by surprise: Rafe just produced his own demo sampling some of his studio work. A few samples are available at right.

Rafe never talks much about his performance and studio experiences. Although I've occasionally searched the internet to gain some insight into his work there are only a handful of links. Lo and behold, as it turns out he's on some awesome jingles representing McDonald's, The Oprah Show, Crest, and more. He's performed with Luther Vandross, Gladys Knight, and Mavis Staples. He's done studio work with Sons of the Never Wrong, Michelle  Cross, Dylan Rice, Sounds of Life, not to mention his performances on Bill Boris's "Hold Back" and Uncle Art, "Transmogrified."

These days Rafe is working between Chicago and LA as a session player. If you are in need of a bass man to do your tunes right, send Rafe an email. He will go at it with all the seriousness and attention to detail that makes recorded music turn out the way it ought to be: worthy of the human ear in days when time is precious and life is sweet.

Wanna hear some tight bass?
Listen to Rafe on this commercial for McDonald's.

Wanna hear some "in the pocket" groove support?
That's Rafe on the bass in this jingle for the Oprah Show.

How about some downright raucous power bass?
Rafe does it on this music for Golden Grahams.

Commercials that sound so good you want to hear them again. Rafe Bradford is part of that sound.

Rafe's Nordstrand SC; built for NAMM 2004

Rafe plays a Nordstrand bass.

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