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We don’t want anyone to fall victim to meth, as thousands do each year. It is becoming one of the number one killers in the nation. People are so addicted to meth that are willing to do it even though they can be fairly certain that the outcome will not be positive. There is help for these meth addicts, but often they fall so far down into the hole that it is hard to get back out.


You can get help for someone you know if you read any of our stories and they seem to ring true for you. Know that in each of our articles we provide you with links where you can find out more about how to seek help.

Our stories are also good conversation starters. You can use them to talk to your friends or loved ones about what they are going through. It can be a tough time.

Meth destroys relationships, jobs, families, and anything in its path. All of your stories are true and have even happened recently, which is the saddest part. We wish that these stories had happened over a few years, but it is a fact that they all occurred so suddenly.

We know there is hope out there for meth use to go back down again.